Kairi Studio

Initial branding

Kairi Dojang’s first logo- a hummingbird to represent the national bird of my parents’ birth country Trinidad. “Kairi” means ocean in Japanese, which seemed fitting as the first martial art styles I practiced were Okinawan and Shotokan Karate.

Hannya mask designs

Hannya mask designed in Figma
Hannya mask drawn on Wacom tablet in Clipstudio

Kairi Studio rebrand

Up to the point of rebranding Kairi, services were provided on a 1-on-1 and virtual basis. With the reality of a physical location coming to fruition, and offering Pilates as a main service in addition to Martial Arts, It became clear that brand image change was needed. Kairi Dojang’s imagery exuded strength, aggression, and a fight club theme. My goal with Kairi was to represent unity, harmony, and elegance. I drew inspiration from Buddhism and what I imagined “flow” to be in a logo.

Final logo design

The final Kairi Studio design was influenced by the traditional yin yang and seigaiha print, a popular Japanese wave pattern print. Paying homage to the cultures of me and my wife, Kairi has a striking blue logo representing both services and the atmosphere we want to create for our students.

Newest working designs