Kairi Studio

Kairi Studio is a premier Martial Arts and Pilates studio located in New Rochelle, NY. First starting as only a Martial Arts company under the name of Kairi Dojang, I worked on rebranding the company to seamlessly connect Martial Arts with Pilates. As the founder of Kairi Studio, it was a challenge to make a drastic branding change, but I am happy with the results.

Bard College ASO

Bard’s Asian Student Organization reached out to me for a logo and merchandise design. As their outreach grew in the community, they wanted an impactful design to tie in the different cultures that make up the Asian student experience.

Uddin Construction

Uddin Construction has established themselves as the go-to contracting company in the Bengali community of Brooklyn, NY. I worked on wireframing a landing page draft to increase their footprint in the digital space.