Bard College- Asian Student Organization


The Asian Student Organization (ASO) at Bard College was in need of club branding assets as their group became more involved with campus activities. I was asked to design a logo to represent the group as well as a merch design for first launch apparel. My goal for both designs was to encompass the collective cultures of all students who make up the group. Typically, Asian organizations are hyper focused on the experiences and representation of East Asian voices. ASO was founded on inclusion and had members from more than one part of Asia.

Logo & style guide

My design for ASO’s logo is simple and encompasses the club name’s abbreviation. The fan design can be used in different ways outlined in the style guide – the colors were chosen because they represent the different cultures of Asia, ranging from South Asia to Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Style guide outlining varying typefaces, colors, and background options.

Dragon head design

ASO expressed to me that they wanted their group to represent strength and have an eye-catching, powerful design for their merchandise. I felt a dragon would be the most fitting subject as it is generally regarded as a fierce creature. I referenced Indian dragon heads while sketching the ASO dragon in Clipstudio. The dragon design was used for ASO’s first apparel launch.

Indian dragon head drawn on a Wacom tablet in Clipstudio
Front design
Back design